It’s my opinion that the home opener in MLB cities should be a holiday. I’ve only lived in one city that had a big league club – Cleveland – and unfortunately I’ve only been to one home opener.

And it was a weird one.

The Indians attempted to play their home opener for 2007 on April 6. I was moderately interested in attending, but the ticket was free and with snow in the forecast, I thought it might make for an interesting experience.

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Mike Hargrove, managing Seattle, came out to delay the game as snow poured down and the Indians one strike away from winning what would be an official 5-inning game. The crowd, very aware of what he was doing, booed as he jabbered with the umpires until they had no choice but to all the game. Here’s an account from that game (and a great pic of the conference that Hargrove used to delay and escape a loss).

Here’s a link to a video timelapse from that game (embed was disabled).

Weather For Cubs Home Openers

I mentioned in this piece why I consider baseball topics relative to 1996. Today is the Cubs’ home opener at Wrigley Field. And with the baseball-unfriendly forecast, I looked up the weather for each of the previous 22 Cub home openers to see how often it rained.

Surprisingly, just once. See the chart below:

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 12.51.41 PM

  • The 2009 Cubs home opener is the only instance when it rained. It didn’t snow during any of those 22 days in Chicago, so that could make Monday a rarity.
  • The Cubs have a 9-13 record in their past 22 home openers.
  • Jon Lester has started each of the last 3 home openers. Ryan Dempster started 3 home openers as well.
  • Greg Maddux gave up 6 runs on 8 hits in the 2004 home opener. Strangely, he went 6.1 innings and allowed just 1 run to win the 2006 home opener on a windier day.

Happy baseballing everyone.

Here’s Another Thing

My father-in-law got me interested in the Viz Of The Day daily data email. They visually represent data in an interactive graphic. Here’s a cool one about baseball road trips. Admittedly, I only sort of understand it.

He’s Got Jokes

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