I don’t like playing fantasy sports, but I’m in a baseball league this year.

I’m indifferent to filling out a tourney bracket, but here we are. And everyone in the country has a bracket, so there’s that. But hey, it’s fun right?


Some Notes

  • All of the best teams are in the East and Midwest. Whoever makes it on the right side will have earned it.
  • Related to that, I had no idea what to do on the left. I wanted to pick Michigan, but switched to UNC. I think Joel Berry is going to have an epic tournament.
  • Kentucky seems to have figured it out. I love UVa, but they’re down a man. It may not matter, but I just think Kentucky is peaking at the right time and he can get them engaged for 2 weeks.
  • Kyle Washington is one of my all-time favorite student-athletes I worked with. Crossed paths with him a few times in the last year. Rooting for him.
  • It’s hard to pick with your head instead of your heart! (Go Dawgs)

He’s Got Jokes

Even if your bracket busts, it won’t get as bad as it was for Pete Bell here:

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