I never delivered pizza or flipped burgers. I never bagged groceries, babysat or had a paper route.

I got my first job in sports media at age 16, working for the now-defunct High School Sports Publications and Regional Radio Sports Network. It’s what I know and consume daily. It’s what I produced for years.

I still have a lot to give to others in the athletics communications profession, and I hope to use this space to add to the conversation. Meanwhile, I hope to have a laugh, have a debate and share some resources to thoughts to fuel that passion.

In 2012, my athletics communications career was on the rise. I was 28, had a few wins, made a few contacts at Final Fours and was working for a CoSIDA Hall of Famer at a basketball force institution. I had a personal situation where I thought I might have to leave the business, and I wasn’t ready. That’s when I got the idea for this website. Stay relevant, right? It’s taken me 6 years to commit to finding the time to do the site I want to do.

Sports communicators, as we all know, don’t get the credit they deserve. The hours are long. Appreciation and satisfaction can be fleeting. I was in the business for 10 years, and when I first had weekends off, I didn’t know what to do. I sometimes felt like Brooks Hatlen: maybe they should send me back. That’s going to be a big part of this site: covering those who cover sports.

Writing, multimedia, commentary, sports. Jokes, resources and thought sharing.

Thanks for clicking. Please let me know what you think and what I can do better.





Josh Rattray

Post Scriptum: I intend to end every entry with a joke. This is my all-time favorite joke on TV. I’ll probably embed it from time to time:


2 thoughts

  1. As a fan of you, sports journalism, and what you are doing here I am excited. My job allows me to listen to sports radio all day. It’s what I live and breathe now. I wish you the best and will continue to check in. I will leave you with a few questions…670 the Score in Chicago had been my jam the last few years. They just let go of Matt Spiegel and Jason Goff from their respective morning and afternoon shows. Do you follow Chicago as much as you used to and do you have a take on this? Also, what is the best way to quit my job and get paid to talk sports? Wu-Tang Forever.


    1. Matthew! I do follow Chicago quite well – Bears and Bulls a little less. Teams must demonstrate a plan, and I think the Bears are getting there. We’ll see. Quit your job? Haha! Talk sports on Facebook and my site! Audrey needs her dad to work! The saga continues….


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